My exploration into the world of photography and the wild started in my early 20’s, when I worked as a bush pilot in my home country Zambia. Bush flying took me over wild and unexplored landscapes around sub-saharan Africa, flying passengers, cargo and once even a baby elephant (read the story here) over the remotest parts of the African bush.
Experiencing aerial views of great herds of elephant and buffalo, performing low flypasts over dirt airstrips - persuading giraffes and warthogs to vacate airstrips for landing, and overflying seasonal river systems and valleys with lush forests, was truly captivating! Low level flying revealed scores of red lechwe over the Kafue swamps, massive crocodiles in the Zambezi and hippo pods claiming their share of the Luangwa river system. Flying to these great wild places, exponentially grew my love for the wild, as it did with photography, which I needed to share with the world and rotatingXposures photography was born!
So on every flight and trip to the bush thereafter, I took my camera with me, exploring the unknown, refining my photographic techniques. Compressing the frame to get a closer look at these magnificent animals, a telephoto lens has been my go-to lens for a majority of my photography. 
As a photographer, my intent is to challenge your senses giving you an insight to our great and wonderful world.  It is to transport you to a place you have been before or long to visit, it is about conservation of our wild species and protecting the landscapes of our planet and most of all, it is about passing the message and teaching each other and the next generation, about Our Wild World.
When not out in the wild, I enjoy plane spotting and capturing moments in urban environments. 
You may order prints directly from this site - please do read the information on prints before you order. 
Comments on my photographs are welcome and I would love to hear from you! 

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